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Dealing with Land Agents

Many of you affected by this project will be contacted by land agents in the coming weeks. A group of agents led by Patrick Murphy who is closely affiliated with Todd Burns of Transource was chastised by the Office of Consumer Advocate in PA in a previous transmission line case.  This may be the same group who contacts you.

As Keryn Newman, an experienced activist against transmission line projects states, "Document all contact with land agents. Keep good records of who contacted you, when, what was said, any documents you are given, and don't be afraid to whip out your phone and take some video. Make sure Patrick and his employees follow that flimsy code of conduct they sent with your letters."

Here is the Motion of the OCA for Injunctive Relief as presented to the Public Utility Commission outlining the devious and harassing actions of the land agents in a similar project. If you experience any of this type of treatment from land agents, contact the Office of Consumer …