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By Frank Ayd IV

     On Monday August 21, 2017, most people wanted anything but transparency. One good look at the first total solar eclipse in ninety-nine years with transparent eye-wear, and potential permanent retina damage could have resulted. On that day opaque, dark, and shady were important attributes for eye-wear if one wanted to witness this historic event safely.
     Now with the eclipse behind us I think most folks will want their transparency back. They want transparency in their eye-wear, their relationships, from their politicians and from the big power company who, if it gets its way, will be usurping the spirit of the Constitution in order to take their private property for a capitalist venture rather than a public works project. That company is Transource. If it succeeds, it will be tearing a path 130 feet wide through Southern York County in order to tap cheap power for Washington D.C. and the surrounding suburbs. The resulting clear-cut right-of-way will leave its m…