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Think This is a Done Deal?

PJM has had to abandon projects in the past when they underestimated the pushback from local landowners. We can and will fight this project to the end. Read this article by Keryn Newman (who fought and won against the same type project and who has been invaluable in our own fight) about how PJM views us as "underdeveloped" land and how we can win this:

Constructability Calamities

PJM believes we are underdeveloped land. Note in the following whitepaper for their project proposals that they are aware of endangered species in the area (beneficial species of bats) and that the area is of historical and archaeological significance. They know this and yet they still want to build a swath 130 feet wide across our sensitive land areas. Notice they never mention the agricultural, property value, and environmental costs to our lands:

PJM Whitepaper on Constructability in our area

Some interesting information in this PJM Annual Report from 2016:

PJM Annual Report 2016