Final Maps Released!

Transource has released the final route maps for the western and eastern lines of this folly of a project. Keryn Newman has written a blog post on this that sums it up far better than I can. Here is the link - some important information for landowners here:

The initial maps Transource sent to landowners and interested parties were nothing short of deceitful in their vagueness. The initial maps did not contain road names and road routes were so faint as to be barely visible. They did add an interactive map on the website that now allows you to enter an address but apparently they are using a rather sad satellite since the magnification barely allows anyone to identify their property. For more specific maps, go to, then scroll down and click on Maps. There are grid maps located there that are more detailed. These are the maps they should have sent to each landowner.
As Keryn says in her blog post, don't let them ramrod anything through and don't deal with slimy land agents. Delay, delay, delay.

A community meeting was held tonight, 10/18/17, and was well-attended by landowners and neighbors from PA and MD, and legislators from Maryland. No legislators from Pennsylvania attended. Support was promised from the MD legislators however. Several initiatives were proposed - be on the lookout for those on this website soon.
Hang in there, folks. We've just begun to fight. Opportunities to help will be posted soon - we need everyone's involvement, especially now.