Welcome friends and neighbors! This website provides information about the proposed construction of 135 foot tall transmission lines with a 130 foot wide right-of-way through the rural and agricultural lands within northern Harford County, MD, southeastern York County, PA, and Franklin County, PA.

Our sister Facebook page, Stop Transource in Pennsylvania and Maryland, contains over 500 members and growing every day! As a group, we can collect information, provide assistance, and most importantly, act as a cohesive force to shut down the construction of transmission lines that serve no one but the energy market. It has been done in other places - please do not think this is a done deal.

As a group, we can fight this and win. There are existing right-of-ways in the area that are under-utilized. New lines are not needed and certainly not wanted. The terms "congestion" and "gridlock" are being used to make residents think that we are short on energy. There is nothing farther from the truth.

On the top bar, there are links to many documents collected by our members. Please read through them to get accurate information. As we go through the process, we will be posting important meetings held by this group and others and by Transource. We want you to be prepared when you meet with Transource in their open houses.

Please spread the word to your neighbors! Many may not have the lines actually pass through their properties, but their property values will plummet when towers are built within sight of their land. Transource has only contacted landowners whose property the lines run through, ignoring neighbors who are also affected. There are environmental, health, and welfare issues with these towers that are also explored in the files.

Welcome and stay tuned! You can subscribe to receive further updates by email when we post new information. There are contact people listed as well. If you wish to join the closed to the public Facebook group, go to Facebook and search Stop Transource - there are two groups - one for PA and MD and one for Harford County. We are working together to stop this!


  1. How can I find a better map of proposed areas affected. Unable to read the ones on this site.

    1. Have you looked under the Newest Tile Map link? You can also go to the Transource website and use their interactive map to find your address.


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