Important Public Meeting!

****PUBLIC INFORMATION MEETING**** Citizens to STOP Transource (York County) will be having a meeting to update the public with the latest information regarding the fight against Transource. WHEN: Monday, February 19th at 7:00 p.m. WHERE: Prospect United Methodist Church
8 Orchard Road, New Park PA 17352 (located at the intersection of Cedar Valley and Orchard Roads in Gatchellville, PA). The meeting will be held in the separate community building.
Hope to see you there!

Important Meetings This Week!

There are several important meetings coming up this week with opportunities for landowners and those affected by the Transource IEP project to learn more and take action!  Opportunities to write the Public Utility Commission (PUC) will be provided. This is your chance to make your voice heard!
Thursday, January 25, 2018: Airville Fire Company (4-8pm) This meeting is for landowners and those directly affected in PA to write protest letters. Samples of forms and letters, materials, and guidance will be provided. 
Saturday, February 3, 2018: Fawn Grove Fire Company (9-12 am) for anyone directly affected or those interested who wish to help and take action against the transmission line project. Samples of forms and letters, materials, and guidance will be provided.
Please attend if you would like to get help fighting this project or would like to be involved. See you there!

Do You Have to Sign Anything? No!

Read this excellent article by Keryn Newman on the latest shenanigans by Transource and its representative land agents from Western Land Services. The bottom line is that you do NOT have to sign anything! Stand strong folks!  These guys are desperate and we are not giving in!

Tell Me Why We are Building a New Line Again?

This map shows it all. The yellow lines are existing right-of-ways for transmission lines. The black line is the proposed line through Harford and York counties. Transource claims they cannot use the existing lines. Possibly not as they exist now, but PJM can certainly work out a plan with PECO and any other electric company involved to revamp the existing right-of-ways if these new lines were actually needed (which they are not). Especially since it is the electric companies near DC and VA that stand to benefit (not their consumers as they like to claim, unless you think 89 cents per year is a great benefit). 

But then no one makes money if they don't build lines, do they? 

Transource Has Listened to Us?

Transource is swarming the media outlets with some pretty fanciful stuff. Keryn Newman does a great job dissecting the latest from Mr. Burns, the person Transource has picked to spearhead their PR campaign.  Read Keryn's article below. Oh Mr. Burns...

Heritage Unprotected

Click on the link to watch this great video, Heritage Unprotected, made by Frank Ayd IV on our efforts to halt the Transource IEC project. It's an amazing account of our community activism and why it is so necessary to stand our ground to protect this unique and beautiful farmland. Be sure to share the link with friends and community members. Stand strong!

New Franklin County StopTransource Website

For all things pertaining to the Stop Transource group in Franklin County, check out: They are going strong out there and a website more focused on that area has now been developed. Way to go, Franklin County! Stay StopTransource strong!